Readings on Equality in Kenya: Sectoral Dynamics and Perspectives. Governance Institutions and Inequality in Kenya

Governance Institutions and Inequality in Kenya.

This chapter surveys the link between governance and inequalities, tracing the evolution of the Kenyan state and its institutions, and assesses how post-independence politics gave rise to inequities. The ethnic composition of Cabinets is assessed over different regimes and political epochs. The author notes that the need to take care of regional interests, and the number of the large ethnic groups, has informed political governance in Kenya and greatly informed the logic and character of forming governments

National Post- MDGS’ Development Agenda Consultations Report: On CSOS, LGAS And Vulnerable Groups

In October 2012 the Government of Tanzania through the Planning Commission (PO-PC) commissioned the Economic and Social Research Foundation (ESRF) to coordinate and oversee the Stakeholders‘Post MDG Development Agenda Consultation process. In response, ESRF organized seven (7) Zonal Workshops. The current report provides a synthesis of views that emerged from these workshops, which will inform priorities as well as recommendations of the post 2015 development agenda.

Can public investments in infrastructure support inclusive growth in Uganda?

This paper examines the how the spatial incidence of poverty explains the extent of inclusive growth in Uganda i.e. whether some geographical regions have better endowments of the assets that generate income and thus lower poverty or better rates of returns on assets. We find that the endowment effects are somewhat larger than the returns effects. If the other regions of Uganda had the Central region’s (richest) endowments of physical and social infrastructure, they would have a 20-25 % increase in consumption expenditures. Our results suggest that there is not too severe a trade-off between equity and efficiency in public infrastructure investments, because returns are similar in the less well- endowed regions to those in Central region. Thus, any attempt to distribute social and physical infrastructure more equitably will not be very costly in terms of sacrificed rates of return.

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