The Inequality Nightmare

The Inequality Nightmare

During hard times, the poor lose faith in their leaders and the economic system; and when times are good, too few enjoy the benefits. The GINI coefficient, a measure of economic inequality, has been rising for many years in developing as well as developed countries, including the United States. In Europe, inequalities have intensified as a result of rapidly rising unemployment, especially among young people. Some have reacted by rioting; others have backed far-right xenophobic political parties; many more seethe quietly, growing ever more resentful of politicians and the system they represent

Increasing inequality: Scale it down

Increasing inequality: Scale it down

Development fundamentally is about transformation. Developing broad base capacities, changing people’s attitudes, creating new and effective institutions and providing the environment for new innovations are the fundamental issues on which the development transformation depends. Development helps to bring socio-economic change if these issues are addressed. The process depends both on the mobilization of internal and external resources.

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