Gender Inequalities in Kenya

The papers in this volume are a selection of those presented at the Conference on Understanding Gender Inequalities in Kenya, held at Egerton University, Kenya, from 5th to 8th April 2004. It explores the many dimensions of women’s subordination and to discuss ways of confronting the entrenched legacy of male domination.

Development Finance And Inequality Good Practice In Ecuador, Rwanda And Thailand

This report examines reforms in Rwanda, Ecuador, and Thailand that may be contributing to reduced inequality. In Rwanda, aid reform led to a better financed education sector. Fiscal policies in Ecuador have become more progressive and targeted to the poor, and tax revenues are more efficiently collected. Thailand, already a health leader in South East Asia, instituted a policy of universal health coverage in 2002 and, since then, has significantly improved access to health services

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Class Formation and Inequality in Kenya

This paper reviews the links between social stratification and public policy since the creation of Kenya as a political entity by the British. It is a literature review of theoretical literature and historical policy document. It is argued that the establishment of a ‘predatory’ capitalist system by administrative and legal decisions first of the colonizing power and followed by the post-independence government has been crucial to the emergence of economic stratification characterized by gross inequality and widespread poverty.

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