Citizens’ Perceptions of Conflict Transformation in the Great Lakes Region (Burundi, DRC, Rwanda)

The “Peace Beyond Borders” Programme was initiated by Oxfam and is being implemented by a consortium of ten national and international organisations in the Great Lakes Region (Burundi, Rwanda, DRC). The Programme seeks to advance Conflict Transformation in the Great Lakes Region through the adoption of a ‘Regional Roadmap to Peace’ by a ‘Virtual Regional Parliament’ constituted by ‘Peace Brokers’ selected from local affected communities in the region. Parallel to the ‘Roadmap to Peace’, a Women Agenda for Peace and a Youth Agenda for Peace will be adopted. At the foundation of the Programme and these various regional instruments is research conducted among their intended beneficiaries: citizens in Burundi, DRC (North Kivu and South Kivu), and Rwanda. This Policy Brief presents a concise overview of the principal findings from the first phase of research conducted by Impunity Watch, as well as preliminary results from a separate research study into the major preoccupations of a sample of women and youth in the region. The latter results are preliminary since the data is currently in the process of being coded by Impunity Watch, as of January 2015. Consequently, the results are necessarily raw, but provide initial insight into the views of a sample of women and youth in the region. All of the research was designed and conducted with the explicit intention of bringing forward the views of the local affected populations in the region.