Gendered Asset Inequalities in Africa

This article looks at gendered asset inequalities in Africa. It shows that women have lower access to land; pursue largely informal and smaller entrepreneurial activities that pay less and have low value addition; have lower access to formal finance; and, have lower political capital. To close the gendered asset gap, there is need for: reform of land and financial laws; entrepreneurial training for women; affirmative action in key areas such as education and employment; special funds/programmes for women; and, use of quotas to enhance political participation by women.


Readings on Equality in Kenya: Sectoral Dynamics and Perspectives

Readings on Inequality in Kenya provides a discussion of first instance on a few   and in so doing signals us to the other existing knowledge gaps that also need filling. The sectors and the depth of treatment of the issues are by no means exhaustive. However, it poses questions and raises issues that should attract further inquiry and scholarship.

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