Grace Bediako

She was the Government Statistician and head of the Ghana Statistical Service from June 2004 to June 2012. A recipient of the President’s award of the Order of the Volta for Public Service (2008), she is currently a consultant to the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC). She has been involved and supported in diverse capacities, national and international programme initiatives including the Africa-wide initiatives, the Africa Symposium for Statistical Development (ASSD) and the Africa Programme for Accelerated Improvement in Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (APAI-CRVS). She has had extensive experience in: preparing methodological publications and capacity-building in the collection, compilation and use of social and demographic statistics, and planning and coordinating of international statistical initiatives. She had primary responsibility for the production of three major United Nations methodological reports: Handbook for Producing a National Statistical Reports on Women and Men, Technical Report on Collecting Economic Characteristics in Population and Housing Censuses, and the “Trial International Classification for Time-use Activities”. She graduated from the University of Ghana, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Statistics, in 1977, holds a Ph.D. degree in Demography (1988), from the University of Pennsylvania, and obtained a Certificate in Survey Sampling from the University of Michigan (1982).