Fallacies of the Global Crusade against Inequality.

Justice and Liberty the First Losers of the Redistributionist Leviathan

It was Thomas Kuhn, and not Karl Popper, who best succeeded at describing how human knowledge evolves. He demonstrated that men do not tend to seek the truth through verification of rational hypotheses; rather, sciences — including social sciences — are based on paradigms, often mistaken, sustained over a long period of time.In the case of equality, its defense is not only considered politically correct, but also moral and humanitarian. However, a deeper analysis of this view demonstrates a different reality.Those who demand equality of outcomes must acknowledge that it can be pursued only if a vast state goes ahead and redistributes the available resources on an ongoing basis. This ultimate goal, however, is based on the false assumption that wealth either does not grow or grows independent of who has it. In other words, these equality planners see wealth as the result of a zero sum game: in order for some people to win and get a bigger piece of the pie, other people must lose