Organized by the government of Ghana in partnership with several organizations, the conference is a constructive space where key African constituencies concerned with different aspects of the inequality question, are engaged in conceptualizing and shaping possible trajectories for African transformation, while sharing visions and aspirations geared towards a common path to social change.

The conference will emphasize on the economic dimensions of inequalities, while paying attention to social and other aspects of inequalities given the interconnected nature of the subject. The deliberations will also seek to have a debate that will put a spotlight on the structural dynamics which shape inequality as well as address the challenge of politics and how governments have positioned the discussion on the matter.

museum 2Inequalities are a recurrent theme in the debate on development. The Millennium Declaration recognized the concern over inequalities- although within the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) targets and MDGs implementation, the issue only received scant attention. The discourse around a post-2015 development framework is cognizant of the need to sufficiently address social and economic inequalities, given the evidence that inter and intra-country inequalities have largely worsened over the 15-year MDGs implementation period. For Africa, the question of inequalities is critical, especially in light of... Read more »

The Pan-African Conference on Inequalities in the Context of Structural Transformation took place from 28-30 April 2014, in Accra, Ghana. The Conference was organized by the Government of Ghana, in partnership with the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa, the Danish International Development Agency, the Institute of Statistical, Social and Economic Research, the Society for International Development, Third World Network Africa, the UN Children’s Fund, UN Development Programme, UN Economic Commission for Africa, and the UN Millennium Campaign. Over 250 participants attended the meeting, representing governments, intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, academia, civil society and the private sector. During the three days, delegates took part in four thematic dialogues: African Inequalities in the Global Development Agenda – Past,... Read more »

Post -Conference CSO Engagement

CSO imageThe Civil Society Engagement on Tackling Inequalities and Structural Transformation will be organized by Third World Network, Society for International Development, and United Nations Millennium Campaign from 4th to 5th July 2014 in Nairobi, Kenya. This will be an important follow-up to one of the critical areas of concern of the “Accra Declaration” that emerged from the Pan-African Conference on Inequalities and Structural Transformation. The key objective of this engagement is to enhance and facilitate African CSOs’ shared learning, understanding and collaborative advocacy around key issues and processes impacting on emerging agendas on Inequalitie... Read more »

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For a summary of the presentations, events and a more detailed schedule that includes locations and timings,please download the full programme below.




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The Conference is organized by the government of Ghana in partnership with

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