East Africa Inequalities Irk Leaders

East Africa Inequalities Irk Leaders

Statistics on growing inequality amoung East Africans on Tuesday worries leaders at the launch of the State of East Africa 2013 report in Dar es Salaam.   Analysis in the report showed that the poor control about $12.7 billion of the region’s combined gross domestic product which is a small 15 per cent of the total $83 billion for the five countries .

Poverty, Inequality and Safety Nets in the MENA Region

Poverty, Inequality and Safety Nets in the MENA Region

By international standards, extreme poverty or destitution is relatively low in the countries of North Africa. According to the World Bank, the number of those living below 2 USD a day was 13.9 percent in 2008, which would make the region of Middle East and North Africa (MENA) the fourth poorest region in the world after sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia and East Asia.

Combating inequality in Africa

Workers in Burkina Faso are angry. Four times in 2005 and then again this May, the country’s trade unions shut down economic activity through a series of national general strikes. Thousands marched in the streets of that West African nation to protest low salaries, high prices, lost jobs and inadequate social benefits.

Workers in Burkina Faso are angry. Four times in 2005 and then again this May, the country’s trade unions shut down economic activity through a series of national general strikes. Thousands marched in the streets of that West African nation to protest low salaries, high prices, lost jobs and inadequate social benefits.

Kenya: The Danger of Inequality

Kenya: The Danger of Inequality

That Kenya is an unequal society is not in question. The gap between the few very rich and the many very poor is wide. The 2010 Global Human Development Report by the United Nations Development Programme ranked Kenya 103 out of the total 169 countries surveyed – making it the 66th most unequal country in the world.

What is not clear is how fast the inequality gap is widening. A publication by the Society for International Development titled ‘Pulling Apart: Facts and Figures on Inequality in Kenya’ published back in 2004 painted a disturbing picture of growing inequality.

Sources of Wealth Inequality in MENA Region

Sources of Wealth Inequality in MENA Region

MENA’s relatively stable equality profile has long been maintained by low income disparities, but inequality as such remains an underlying social factor, which was well documented by the uprising against the autocratic ex-President Hosni Mubarak in 2011. The current situation of economic inequality is likely to deteriorate in the wake of new and ongoing socio-political upheavals around the region.

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